Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Om Shanti Om

On the Second Day of my Birthday Week my True Love Said to Me: "You can rent any DVD". And thus Kris was introduced to the wonderful world of Bollywood with the bootylicious film: "Om Shanti Om"
The film is an epic love, horror/comedy/sing-a-long music video. The main character Shanti might be the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen.

And the "hero" as they call him, is really goofy, has a really goofy face and has a rocking bod underneath all that 70's inspired plaid. This does not however make him hot. No, not even when they plunk him in a watertank wearing an unbuttoned shirt and spray him with even more water (not that water and an unbuttoned shirt usually do it for me...) Now do me a favor and really take in the picture of the "hero" above before scrolling to see his "rocking bod" below:
There's also a great scene where the hero, clad in a red leather cowboy outfit, kung fu fights a tiger through the street of Paris. God I wish I could link a youtube video for you. Or maybe you should just go rent it. Don't let these 162 minutes of potential joy escape your life.


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  2. This movie sound like something I want to see, after you review it.I must admit your taste is very interesting!