DC and Beyond

I have had a home in Virginia since my senior year in high school but have only lived here continuously for the past year. I'm still exploring our nation's capitol which is only on the other side of the Potomac as well as the Virginia countryside. I love nothing more than spending a day in the car looking for antiques, good food and ice cream. I've broken things down based on geography: Inside the Beltway and Outside the Beltway- the beltway being the continuous loop around Washington DC that is 495. Once you've taken it the wrong way around you can consider yourself legit to these parts. Just try not to do it at 2am on your way back from Bengie's Drive-in movie theater, OK? People just aren't that understanding at that time of night.

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Inside the Beltway:

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Let's start off inside the beltway- AKA: Washington, DC, Alexandria and Arlington. I have put together this fantastic google map and I try to update it regularly with places I've been or places I want to go. Easy as that. There is a lot to do inside the beltway. Including: 


The White House


Julia Child's Kitchen at the American History Museum

Try some fresh seafood down on the wharf

Or how bout a stroll through the National Gallery of Art?

It's pretty. So is the art. 

Outside the Beltway:

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I think I'm a little more country than city so I love going Outside of the beltway. Places like Middleburg, Leesburg and Culpepper are very charming and not a far ride away.

Peach Picking at Hollins Farm

Lunch at the Southern Kitchen in New Market, VA 

Mount Vernon

Paradise Springs Winery