Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hong Kong

My brother and I went to visit the parentals for the holidays in China. We spent a couple days in Hong Kong on our way to Hainan. Here is the first installment of our trip.

Side street markets

The view from our hotel

The Lippo Center (aka The Koala Tree)

Noodle bowl

Getting Lost

Can you guess which one is my brother?

Lost again

45 degrees up the side of a mountain

The famous Peak Tram

It's a long way up

and the Peak Tower- aka The Tourist Trap

Victoria Harbor at night

The brother barely fits

In the Hong Kong subway

Overrated dim sum at Luk Yu Teahouse

Tristan tries some sweet soup

Lots of incense

On the other side in Kowloon
Be sure to take the ferry ride back

Other things to do?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

As someone pointed out- It's "Super Bowl" time again!

Just wanted to drop in to share my menu for the Super Bowl! Just in case you're still looking for inspiration. Let's get excited!!

I sent the link to the BF yesterday and he pretty much freaked out and send it to all his friends. The recipe is super simple (place ingredients in pot- cook for 6 hours) and there are step by step picture instructions so there are no reasons you can't be enjoying this sandwhich right along with us on Sunday. Hello delicious!

Maple-Beer-Chili Chicken Wings

This recipe comes from a recent article on NPR and that's really all I have to say. I think the name speaks for itself. I will report back on whether they lived up to my mental hype.

Hot Sausage Dip

A repeat from last year. This time, with an actual can of Rotel (which I recently found out is pronouced "roh-tehl" and not "rottle"). Maybe I can get a more apetizing picture of it this time!

Other ways to prepare for the Super Bowl?

Review the Puppy Bowl starting lineup! My money is on Bandit .