Thursday, February 4, 2010

As someone pointed out- It's "Super Bowl" time again!

Just wanted to drop in to share my menu for the Super Bowl! Just in case you're still looking for inspiration. Let's get excited!!

I sent the link to the BF yesterday and he pretty much freaked out and send it to all his friends. The recipe is super simple (place ingredients in pot- cook for 6 hours) and there are step by step picture instructions so there are no reasons you can't be enjoying this sandwhich right along with us on Sunday. Hello delicious!

Maple-Beer-Chili Chicken Wings

This recipe comes from a recent article on NPR and that's really all I have to say. I think the name speaks for itself. I will report back on whether they lived up to my mental hype.

Hot Sausage Dip

A repeat from last year. This time, with an actual can of Rotel (which I recently found out is pronouced "roh-tehl" and not "rottle"). Maybe I can get a more apetizing picture of it this time!

Other ways to prepare for the Super Bowl?

Review the Puppy Bowl starting lineup! My money is on Bandit .


  1. we don't watch the superbowl but i said we might have a superbowl inspired dinner this year, if i can find chicken wings from a local farm. that puppy bowl is too much! i wish our 10 month old dog still looked like a little puppy. i told him everyday not to keep getting bigger but it didn't work haha!

  2. What time?? The BF's parents wish they could be there with you two!!!