Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Suddenly Last Summer

I am 9 days away from graduating from Culinary School. (!!!) That's really all I can say about that right now because I'm trying to keep it all together until I am finally out, graduated and free!! 

It has been a busy and wonderful summer. A summer of new cocktails: The Singapore Sling

Flower arranging at home in Virginia

A wildflower bouquet on the farm

That also had a couple of puppies.  Labrador/ Chow mix= be still my heart

And lazy rivers to swim in

And a sweet horse that is all grown up!

 Arrangements for paying customers too

We kept a promise to ourselves to go to the beach whenever we possibly could

Which required a trip through the brambles

Kris's patented Beach Sandwich: potato roll, ham, "american cheese", mayo and mustard. So mushy, salty and delicious

Maggie has slowly been getting fluffier

The yard has filled in as well

I got some giant hibiscus flowers

Giant basil leaves

And tiny tomatoes

We had some visitors. One of which had never been to New York before!

We took them up 30 Rock for the best view in the city

And they took us to the US Open 

Which also had a pretty darn good view

 Hope you've had an exciting summer too!