I was lucky enough to grow up an hour outside of Paris. My family was part of the expat community that helped to open what was then known as EuroDisney. We lived in a tiny village called Mortcerf which translates to Dead-deer. Very medieval. I of course never understood how lucky I was, growing up near such an amazing city. With a grandmother in the Loire valley, I manage a few days in Paris every few years and have slowly been getting to know the city as an adult. 

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Great shopping on the Champs Elysees and nearby is a great restaurant called Le Relais de Venise where  they only serve one dinner: a salad with walnuts and a mustard dressing and Entrecote with Frites. All you do is tell the waitress how you would like your steak cooked.  

For a great lunch experience gather some cheese, meats, wine and a baguette (from a boulangerie!) and have a picnic at the foot of the Eiffel tower.