Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sylvia at the Royal Opera House

Last year one of my college friends had the ingenious idea to have a Birthday Week. So she spent the entire week having a good time and proclaiming to anyone who would listen that it was her Birthday Week. We made fun of her pretty harshly during that time, but by the end of it I think we all realized that we too wanted a Birthday Week. So this year I kicked off my Birthday Week by going to the Ballet (and yeah, I know- it's not quite like getting free tequila shots at El Charros).

Look at that view! Boyfriend did good with the seats

I coulnd't tell you the last time I went to the ballet. For years I've been begging my mom to take me to see the Rocketts and that has yet to pan out- and it's not even ballet.. so that's as close as I've been since I wore pigtails. But seeing those dancers on the stage last night was completely hypnotic. The music was so soothing and delightful that Kris fell into a trance halfway through the first Act and just about fell alseep. And I don't blame him either because the experience was similar to watching the music visualizer on Itunes: random colorful squiggles that move to the music and all of a sudden make total sense. What didn't make sense was the story, but I really didn't care. I gathered that it probably had something to do with mythological gods... Lots of women warriors with bows and arrows.. and they worshiped a statue... Also there was a couple dressed like goats. I think the main plot revolves around a woman(diety? warrior?) named (and im gonna go ahead and guess here) Sylvia falling in love with this guy, who I could have sworn, she shot in Act I. In Act II she is taken to what I called "The little Aladdin Under the Sea" (which Kris did not find funny) and is held hostage by a vilain who is easily identifiable by his stereotypical villain-mustache. Meanwhile all the guys in this production were wearing the gay-est outfits maybe ever. I mean- look at him! Now don't take offense please- watching these guys jump, no float, about the stage put the biggest grin on my face. But maybe that's because everytime a guy leapt into the air with his arms so gracefully held over his head, my mind made him say "I'm gayer than you aaaaaare!"

But I think this flying Eros really won the imaginary competition in my head. So well done.

And now I give you pictures I took during the 12-20 minute applause where every mildly important dancer came out for an individual bow.


  1. Thats just great Claire. I think alot of people think dancing is just really great. I do.

  2. I thought you said that must all look good naked.