Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Birthday!

In this season of birthdays, my brother was next. His birthday seems to lose some of its sparkle due to the inconvenient time of year; in France it was usually the last day of school- in the US, friends are away on vacation. But this year we tried to make it an affair and the boy did end up having 4 different birthday cakes within a few weeks. I'll admit that this awesome cake idea was all Kris's doing while we browsed the Toy aisle at Target. The boys' recent obsession with a new video game and a GI Joe The Movie action figure on clearance made for a fun and tasty cake:

Confused? Here's a snapshot from the game Just Cause 2:

Not bad right?
I know my brother favors a cream cheese frosting but I wasn't feeling carrot cake. I did a little research and decided to go for a Hummingbird cake which is made with crushed pineapple, coconut, walnuts and mashed up bananas. This is one SWEET cake! The frosting includes 2 packages of cream cheese and 2 POUNDS of powdered sugar! I stopped short of the full amount of sugar and will cut out even more of it next time. Still, this cake was really moist and delicious. We ate the whole thing in a few days (still tasty later!) and by "we" I mean, 4 of us. My mom, who eats like a bird and very rarely has sweets, had this for breakfast. twice.

We also had a proper Birthday dinner on the porch. On the menu: fancy burgers, jalapeno poppers, onion strings, homemade steak fries, and panaches.

It was nice

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  1. Your cake looked awesome!! Tristan is fortunate to have a sister like you!! Can you make Beagle cakes??