Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Lexington Candy Shop

About two weeks ago when Kris and I experienced our first snow in New York, we decided to go to the Met.
Walking through Central Park
I've always been grateful that I have a boyfriend with the same museum going philosophy as I, namely that it is not necessary to read everything (unlike my mother) nor look at everything. I prefer walking through a room, hoping something will catch my eye at which point I will investigate further. I don't have the patience to pretend to be interested in the traditional attire for a warrior in papau new guinea. No offense.

I had been to the Met once before and hadn't seen much of anything but with a museum like that, you're gonna need several trips anyway. Kris had never been, so this trip was a real walk-through. My only goal was to find the Temple- you know, the one from When Harry Met Sally where Billy Crystal starts talking funny: "Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash. "

The Temple of Dendur

We were getting a bit peckish and needed a place to warm up after trudging through the not-yet-plowed sidewalks. We ended up at the Lexington Candy Shop which has not changed much since it opened in the 1920's.

Breakfast is offered all day so I got a plate of yummy blueberry pancakes and a strawberry malt while Kris got a buffalo burger (not realizing it was made from buffalo) some onion rings and a throwdown winning doughnut. Although Kris wasn't overly thrilled with his onions rings, i would say that on the whole, this place was pretty awesome.

Our one real complaint? No free refills or heat ups (that's right!) on coffee.

Good thing they bring it out pipping hot.

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