Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blue Smoke

My boyfriend told me last week that he wants to become a pitmaster. And I don't think he's kidding. A recent trip to Blue Smoke may have been the catalyst. Rightly so, too.

We had no idea, but it was restaurant week in NY so they had a tasty prix fixe meal on offer. Lunch was $24.95 per person and included an appetizer, main and desert. You could pay an extra $16 (if I recall) for a beer sampler to accompany each dish. Had it not been lunch and if we both weren't kinda broke, I would have gotten that beer sampler in a second.

Kris started with Chipotle Chili Buffalo Wings and I had a sensible winter salad. Kris was the clear winner here.

Leftover bones in a handy bucket

Industrial chic?
Because it's a BBQ joint, we had to have some Kansas rub ribs. Mine with "pit beans" and Kris's with collard greens, because he's a southern boy.
The ribs were so good they didn't even need any extra BBQ sauce, although what they had on offer looked might tasty too.
Because it was pretty frigid outside, I went with Hot Chocolate and Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert. The hot chocolate was one of the best I've had- honestly. You could tell it was made with real chocolate and milk. (imagine that!)
Kris couldn't resist their Apple Crumble with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Overall, we were really pleased with Blue Smoke and already have plans to return. I think we both knew we had picked a winner when we walked in and saw that the restaurant is connected to a jazz club upstairs. Nice.
Just don't wear white.

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