Tuesday, January 6, 2009

These would be "Before Pictures"

I know I have been away far too long and as we're already 6 days into the New Year it was time for me to get back to posting because, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally moved in. Yes that's right! I have an apartment and it is filled with furniture and all my (and the boyfriend's) stuff! As I know my mom and his mom are dying to see what we have done with the place, I thought I would just post about it here for all to see. As I'm having some office issues right now (IE: they seem to have lost my desk) we will start with some pictures of the empty apartment with some shots of the moved in place later this afternoon.

First off we have the kitchen.. .with the little oven in the corner which doesn't even fill the space

The previous tenants were kind enough to leave us some well used pot holders and ice cube trays!

You gotta love that the cable to hook up the TV is opposite the front door. Classic.

Oh wait- the front door is actually opposite our only form of non-kitchen storage: the tiny closet.
But we do have a lovely non-working fireplace and some goth roman shades!

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  1. You're apartment is ADORABLE!!! Beth forwarded me your email. I'm so happy that everything seems to be going well for you two up in NYC! AND Paris sounds amazing (what a dream!) I may have to make a special visit up to NYC! :-)

    I haven't read this in ages- I'm going to start reading more! Cheers! :-)