Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here are some "During" pictures

Before we set out for New York, we knew we needed to buy a couch. A quick stop at a thrift store in Virginia turned up a funky but cozy couch and a cool looking armchair:

I swear that Kris likes this couch a lot more than he is letting on

Although I took meticulous measurements of the entire apartment (Kris' dad even made up a scale plan!) I didn't measure the front door or the hallway leading to our apartment which I realized later, is rather small. We managed to get everything into a Uhaul and I was convinced that one or several pieces of furniture would end up on the curb once we discovered they wouldn't fit through the door and hall. But lo and behold- We got it all in!

The only issue was getting the kitchen table through the front door- The table was given to us by Kris' grandparents and affectionately named "The Hate Table" by the rest of the family for its tendency to scar knees when extended with its addition.

I guess that the only other problem we encountered was the cold damage Kris' plants endured while left in the truck over several days... We'll see if either recover.

And since Kris had already hung his beloved-stolen bull horns above the front door he doesn't quite know where to start.


  1. kris stole something??? Not my son....(kris, where did you get the bull horns?)

  2. Those bull horns apparently belong to your other son...