Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yeah- We sold that. The First Edition

I thought I would introduce a new feature to my blog and I'm calling it "yeah- we sold that." Cuz sometimes I need to remind myself that I do love my job.

So for this first edition of "Yeah. We sold that. " I give you:

The "Happy Birthday Mr. President" Marylin Monroe Dress
Estimate: On Request
Sold for: $1,267,500

A Yeti Footprint- hells yeah.

Estimate: £1,800-£2,500

Sold for: £3,500

Princess Margaret's freaking tiara
Estimate: £150,000- 200,000
Sold for: £926,400

The Galley from the Concorde (AKA: kicthen)

Estimate: 400-600 Euro

Sold for: 8,812 Euro

Jack Kerouac's Original Typescript scroll of "On the Road"

Did you know he wrote his book on a scroll? in 20 days? neither did I. Pretty fucking bad ass.

Estimate: $1,000,000 -$1,500,000

Sold for: $2, 426,000