Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meanwhile, back in Amsterdam

Yes I realize that by now my trip to Amsterdam was about 6 and half years ago and no one cares about part II, but damnit I made this blog to share my adventures, and share them I will- even if I'm only broadcasting to 4 potheads who stumbled across my blog because they googled flying+ any number of unlikely objects. But hey! This entry might actually be topical to you! See, for those not in the know, Amsterdam is famous for more than just Rembrandt, Van Gogh and wooden clogs. As Wikipedia puts it: "The city is known for its historic port, the Rijksmuseum, its red-light district (de Wallen), its liberal coffeeshops, and its many canals "
Well we'd already seen the art, the port and the canals. So we went in search of a "liberal coffeeshop" that wasn't filled with tourists and Bob Marley fans. One of the best of these was the (unfortunately stereotypedly named) Cafe 420 off of Oudebrugsteeg which had a laid back yet swanky atmosphere, backgammon boards and some kick ass lattees from a machine.
People are also advised to try a "space cake" while in Amsterdam, although the free guidebook we got at the hotel did warn that it was unwise to eat an entire one if you aren't used to its effects- but if you did anyway, don't be surprised if you start feeling anxious- and you might want to stick your head between your legs and drinks lots of water. Although maybe not in that order.

The last thing to do on my "Wikipedia-guides-me-through-Amsterdam-List" was the Red-Light district and I'm not sure there's much to say about it. Prostitution is legal is some places, under some circumstances and these girls make you well aware of that fact. One woman tried to get me, my boyfriend and my brother to go in "for a visit" all at the same time. Like the concept of prostitution isn't weird enough that she thought I'd want to have a foursome with my brother. But then how would she know that the tall, guy who looks exactly like me with short hair is in fact my brother? Can't blame a ho for trying.

Other things we enjoyed in Amsterdam:

DUTCH CHEESE And Crooked Houses


(with a guy who sooooo looks like my boyfriend's brother, Michael)

Fruit des Bois smoothies and some Orange Juice with Buttermilk
and yes- I realize that's a weird combo.

And this INSERT PLACE NAME wonderful little place where I got that entire bowl of veggies and noodles for about 5 Euros! I think that "pizza" cost about the same... which was slightly disapointing. But overall, a good value and fun atmosphere.
And I'll leave you with a picture taken exclusively for my hippie buddy Ashley, who I think would probably eat pork to own this car:

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