Friday, March 23, 2012

Food, Flowers and a Big Backyard

Has there ever been a prettier spring? I've been keeping busy and surrounding myself with flowers, plants and food. I made my first window box with some pink, yellow and purple things-which-I-cannot-name. It took all of my courage to place it in the window as our window is at the front of our building on the ground level, next door to, what I'm pretty sure is a chop shop and also serves as the stomping grounds for a group of old ex-gang leaders who spend their days playing very lively games of dominoes.  

Level 2 of culinary school has been a blast with a few week spent making pastries. Guys, I was finally on top of my game. Pate Brisee? Bring it! Pate Sucre? I can make that with my eyes closed. We made quiche, puff pastry, a genoise cake with French buttercream. I ate so much of the buttercream that I made myself sick. The other day of self inflected nausea? Cheese day. We made Ricotta, Mozzarella and then tasted a flight of cheeses. You know how you're supposed to spit out wine at a wine tasting? Well they should recommend the same thing for a cheese tasting. Or at least provide some bread.

The rest of my time has been spent dreaming and planning my backyard. Here it is in all its "before" glory:

Apparently the previous tenants had concerts in the backyard and projected movies onto that white box. Well, the stage is gone and the glass bottle pieces, screws and cigarette butts have been picked up so this space will be a yard once more! If only I can figure out how to garden...

I've got seeds, bulbs, the makings of a raised bed and a sort of plan in my head. Fingers crossed!

Maggie's first taste of the backyard


  1. You are so amazing!! You have motivated me more than you will ever know!! I'm cooking more delicious meals, want to decorate, and now I want to plant some flowers too!! Have you solved the back door issue for Kris?? Miss you and Kris!

  2. Love all the creativity brewing at your house ,I am eager to see your finished results.
    Great pics.

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