Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mushroom Ornament

Deciding to make all my Christmas gifts this year has been a lot of fun. And work. But mostly fun. It also means that I'm constantly in a crafty mood and mindset so when I see something cute that I could make, I have to make it. I was explaining to a co-worker that my plan was to have everything done by the 19th so I could sit around and do nothing until Christmas and he laughed saying that even if I got everything checked off my list, I would just find more to do. And he's totally right. Did I need to make these adorable mushroom ornaments which have no pre-determined recipient? Not really. But boy are they cute and I'm very glad I did.

Mushroom Ornaments 
A vice really helps make this an easy project. So does the dremmel.... But if you're not concerned with the longevity of your ornament, you could skip the drilling and just hot glue the two pieces together and call it a day.
If you gather all your materials beforehand this can be a pretty quick project. Start by wedging a paper napkin or cloth into your vice to hold the mushroom cap (otherwise the vice will indent the wood). Close the vice tight enough to just hold the wood in place.

Using the sanding attachment on your dremmel, drill into the hole to enlarge it and shape it to fit the top of your robin egg.

Test it out. Once you can kinda wedge the robing egg into the mushroom cap, sand both sides. Sanding the edges will make it easier for the glue to bond them together.

Glue the mushroom cap to the robin egg with a little bit of gorilla super glue on both sides. Use a rubber-band to hold the pieces together while they dry. It should take about 20 minutes. If you're working outside, bring the project inside to dry (the cold will mess with the glue).

Once dry, flip your mushrooms over and use the vice to secure them while you paint. I wanted my mushroom to keep the natural feeling of wood so I barely watered down some red acrylic paint and added a layer to the mushroom cap. Once the paint dried I screwed in the eye hook, then I randomly added the white dots in batches so I could sprinkle on some glitter before the paint dried.

And there you have it! A wooden mushroom ornament for your tree, for a package of for someone you love. 

Merry Christmas!

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