Monday, September 20, 2010

Now wouldya like a bushel of corn?

Do you know how much corn is in a bushel of corn? I had an idea that it was a lot. If it's a measure of unit used by a farmer, it's probably too much food for my kitchen. "But ya see, it's the end of the day so I can make you a real good deal." I already had 5 pounds of tomatoes, 3 sweet potatoes and 2 white and purple striped eggplants in hand. I had only brought so much cash. "you got a checkbook?" no. He noticed my shirt. "you work here?" no, but I work at site down the street. "I tell you what, you go get your car and pull it up here and I'll bring the corn over. You just come back next week with $15." I'll be right back.

For your information, a bushel of corn is about 50 ears- as in: I'm up to my ears in corn! and I couldn't be happier!

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