Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello! Remember me?

Hey! It's been ages! How have you been? Me? Yeah, I know, I've been out of touch for a while. But you know how it is - life - it got the better of me. From just reading my blog, one would think that I went to China and never returned. I have so much to tell you and we have so much catching up to do! Here is an attempted recap in pictures:

Since Hong Kong, I visited my parents in Hainan, China for Christmas

At the walking street in Sanya

A chocolate Terracotta Army
We stayed at a beautiful hotel
We relaxed- I acquired some mad Scrabble Skillz

We stayed at "The Windiest Villa of them all"

I'm not sure anyone slept that night. We were up and gone by 7am.

We spent a few days in Beijing

We saw the Forbidden City

It was much colder

Leather boots were not a good idea for this weather

We saw the Great Wall

It was even colder

We celebrated the New Year

On our last day in Beijing it snowed

We visited the Temple of Heaven

We took goofy pictures

Back in the states the New Year was in overdrive. The boyfriend and I celebrated 5 years by going to Boston. My hard drive died and all that remains of the trip is a silly video:

Soon enough, we both quit our jobs and were headed back for Virginia. Someone had a Hipster themed Birthday to celebrate a quarter century and the exodus from New York:

Next thing I knew, my unemployed butt did the responsible thing and flew half around the world to:


And once I get all the pictures back from that journey (read: also lost in hard drive failure) I'll see about posting some more information on that amazing trip. But there has also been a lot of cooking and eating since Hong Kong! And I hope to catch you up on that too. I'm back to being employed and I must say- It's good to back home in Virginia.

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