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India- September 17th 2005

September 17th 2005
Delhi is insane. I’ve already brushed my teeth with the contaminated water and become the life long friend of a rickshaw driver named Ravi who has promised to pick me up again tomorrow against my will- “No problem!” What should have been a 20 rupee ride turned into 50 because he took us to the wrong side of town, thinking I had asked for some Babar market and not Babar lane, He then proceeded to drive us to Babar road, which was different of course. Who the heck is Babar anyway?
I thought we would never make it home

September 18th 2005
There is a man outside our window who has been pacing back and forth while sounding like a goat and chiming some bells on a sick.

This has been the craziest day yet- from a rickshaw ride with Jen’s butt hanging out the window (and later mine) to a Punjabi and Sari shopping spree and then a Las Vegas inspired Jain Temple.

The owner or some high ranking man immediately ran over to us, explaining that he was from Vancouver, Canada & how he knew that it was a long way away (a whole 5 hour plane ride, he says).
He ushered us through a highly decorated bird hospital and then through sacred areas. By the end of our forced tour, we know that he wrote and appeared in musicals and that he would be waiting for us to return to Delhi in three months to have lunch and dinner.
Next, as we walked to the Red Fort, a man walked up to Elise and asked: “would you like a beard, Madam?” She just about collapsed on the floor laughing and then had to get back up and ask the price. The man said 100 rupees, which Elisa said was too expensive and he replied: “but this is real human hair!” well this argument cinched the deal for Elise and they settled on 50 rupees.
We finished the night at a “sound & light show” at the Red Fort which last half an eternity.

September 19th 2005
Today was our last day in Delhi, so it was mostly spent running errands, but we did manage to go see where Gandhi ashes are kept, in a beautiful garden in the middle of dirty Delhi.
As a special treat our leaders treated us to movie tickets to Salaam Namaste, but before that us girls had to go pick up our handmade punjabis & saris. I bought a sari and a punjabi (tunic, pygama pants and matching scarf) which was a perfect fit, but the sari needed a shirt and petticoat made to order. Let me tell you that having something custom made is amazing- The shirt fit perfectly and I now have an extra skirt- and it’s a pretty purple! After trying on my gorgeous sari, snapping a picture with the woman who helped me for 2 days, we darted to out movie.

The movie was just as crazy as Delhi is and I’ve never heard louder music. All in all, I loved it.


dateSat, Sep 17, 2005 at 6:04 AM

hide details 9/17/05

Hello everyone!!
well, Im here and its completely INSANE. But let us start from the begging- Im sorry I didnt call anyone from Hong Kong, but I left my address book in my checked luggage and didnt have the special phone card number with me. The 13 hour flight turned out to be a cinch since I took a sleeping pill (thank you Ashly!) and was knocked out for 9 hours. We arrived at 5:30 AM and took the train into the city. Our first stop was the Botanical and Zoological gardens which were awesome. I am officially in LOVE with this city. It is like nothing I've ever seen before. It's an island with massive hills covered in greenery and the skinniest, tallest skyscrapers I've seen. We took the Peak Tram which took us at a 60 degree angle up the mountain and witnessed the prettiest views of the city. We also visited a famous temple (but dont ask me which one...) and it was the coolest kitchiest place. It was stuffed full is statues of gods, fruit, candles, twinkling colored Christmas lights and incense. They even had those giant spiraling incence sticks which look like beehives, and these covered the ceiling. All in all, the place was pretty smoky and under construction, so it was very 'transy'
At about 6 pm we decided that we were all pretty exhausted and headed back to the airport, where we all promtly fell asleep sitting up.
We arrived in Delhi at 3 am to rain and craziness. They drive on the left hand side, but we would never have know that since no one obeys any traffic laws. They incessantly honk and try to squeeze in between trucks and concrete pylons. I've found that the best way to cope is to close your eyes.
Right now I'm in the middle of a crazy scavenger hunt and i think my team is loosing- we are way too tired to think straight- after getting to bed at about 6 am, we were up for breakfast at 9.
Also, I went on the best shopping spree in Hong Kong. Its fabulous and cheap. My bag is much heavier now and I could care less.
I miss everyone terribly and feel like I'm might as well be living on mars right now (at least they might have hot water and a shower head there!!) but I think this should only get better. Delhi is a little to crazy for me,and I cant wait to find inner peace in the mountains.
I shall write back as soon as I can find this dingy little place again- but right now I have to go bargain for a ride back to the guest house in a rickshaw (think bicycle pulled carts).
Much love!

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  1. You were so brave to travel to India with people you didn't even know. Crazy world I was just in that temple in Hong Kong i knew it when you mentioned the spiral incense.