Friday, January 23, 2009

Streamlinning a wardrobe

Since moving back to the states, I've been on a mission to streamline my wardrobe. Although I'm an organizational freak, I've realized recently that I own a lot of crappy clothes. I just do. Either they don't fit anymore, the color isn't flattering, I haven't worn it in years or I just don't like it anymore. I've tried organizing my closet several times over but I've never taken a harsh approach to getting rid of pieces that just don't work anymore. So when I pulled out my winter sweaters a couple weeks ago to pack them for a New York winter, I ended up getting rid of about 70% of them. Gone were the chunky sweaters I hadn't worn in years: the one I bought on sale from H&M in an ugly poopy green/brown, the too-short-in-the-torso cream v-neck passed down from my mom, the "funky" chunky tie cardigan in about 8 colors. I had to stop buying the bright color version of all my mom's clothes because she hardly gets rid of her clothing and I'm constantly cycling through new trends. I've always tried to be elegant with a funky edge, but that doesn't mean I should get the purple Mary-Janes from the sale rack. My mom would have bought them full price in black. And that has to be my new approach. New Year's resolution anyone?

The only flipside I have found in this Recession is the fact that practically every store is having a massive sale. Here is what I've been amassing since :

Classic herringbone pencil skirt in bright papaya (I'm gonna go ahead and say it's red)
Orignally $118
Snatched up for $35

Merino michelle V-neck cardigan in golden avocado
Originally $88
Snatched up for $60 (still pricey but it's an investment piece, ok?)

City Fit premium chino in British khaki
Originally $98
Snatched up for $14

Favorite-fit donegal tweed Ludlow trouser in graphite

Originally $138

Snatched up for $50

Black Jcrew Cardigan (with uber cute buttons)
Originally $69.99
Snatched up for $25.99

And if I have to streamline my wardrobe, then I'm gonna have to buy some funky jewelery.

Queen Regent Earrings

Originally $48
Snatched up for $9.99

Bohemian Bird Necklace from Anthropologie
Originally $49.99
Snatched up for $9.99

Gold and Pearl Studs (because I love me some pearls)
Originally $39.99
Snatched up for $19.99

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  1. I want to go shopping in NYC!!!! Your clothes and jewelery are beautiful!!! Good job!!!!