Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"The World's Fastest Indian"

This is one of those movies that no one has ever heard of and I never would have either if it weren't for my mother's particular taste in movies. When my family still all lived together, we shared a Netflix account which was a bit like sharing a family computer back in the day... Someone always changing your favorite features or adding their two cents- but the interesting thing is that Netflix has a system by which you rate the movie you've seen and they will then recommend movies based on your likes and dislikes. Now our ratings were probably a bit bi-polar, but I can only imagine they worked because I don't know how else my mom would have stumbled on this movie.

With just the title to go on I assumed it would be one of those "inspirational" movies about an impoverished kid overcoming adversity to win some sort of prize for running. Well I couldn't have been further from the truth. This film starts in New Zealand in the 1960's and follows an old man's (Anthony Hopkins) voyage to the salt flats in Utah to break the record for the world's fastest Indian motorcycle. It doesn't take much to win me over with a period flick, but I have rarely seen anything so sweet and inspiring. It made me love Anthony Hopkins that much more and I dare you to not like this movie.


  1. I don't remember how I picked out that movie, probably read a good review, there is something to be said for reading EVERTTHING.
    Here is another movie i really enjoyed recently "The Flying Scotsman" Its the story of Graeme Obree a cycling champion who built his first bike out of washing machine bits, its very inspirational.

  2. Well, I mean it's still an inspirational movie. It's just instead of an indian kid you have a motorcycle.