Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Brother/Boyfriend Banter

Floatingdog: you could always try to write a witty protest sign concerning the state of the economy and how you can't get a job and become a national icon
Sloth514: I could write it ont he back of my diploma
Floatingdog: be this guy:
Sloth514: the witty protest sign market is flooded these days anyway
Floatingdog: that could be your sign
Floatingdog: and then be like (I need a job, will work for money)
Floatingdog: also, i wonder if one of the trade that guy has is lettering
Floatingdog: because that's some pretty good lettering
Floatingdog: you could also just become a political activist blaming everything that has ever sucked in your life on "THE ECONOMY"
Floatingdog: heheh
Floatingdog: that could be your slogan
Sloth514: "Look, I don't get your Wall Street magic, just make it so I can get a job doing what I want"
Sloth514: Yours could say "THE ECONOMY TOOK MY FAMILY :["
Floatingdog: this is 500 words away from being an onion article
Sloth514: heh heh
Sloth514: Witty Protest Sign Market Flooded
Sloth514: I like it.
Sloth514: "You wouldn't believe how hard it is to break into the protest sign business," says local man Michael Waters. Exasperated he continued "I knew I should have majored in graphic design!"

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