Sunday, July 6, 2008

You complete me

Although my tiny flat came with an unproportionally large and very well stocked kitchen, I can't help but miss some crucial tools- others I just long for...

  • A microplane zester

  • actual mixing bowls (I use a salad bowl which doesn't even have a rounded bottom)

  • a food processor

  • a spatula (maybe even a silicon one, dare I say?)

  • Kitchen Aid mixer

  • jelly roll mats

  • pastry blender

  • A cupcake pan (my Yorkshire pudding pan just ain't cuttin' it)

  • Pastry bags

  • a garlic press

  • a wok

  • a cocktail shaker

  • Martini glasses

  • all my pretty plates


  1. oooh, i love the font change on your logo! very snazzy *smile*

  2. Aw thanks- Tristan can be thanked for that one. Now if only I can get him to fix the masthead on the Daily Photo....

  3. some day your dream will come true, I promise . I see a William Sonoma in your future.