Monday, July 21, 2008

Nice is so nice!

Har har. I know... But it was really wonderful going back to the south of France last weekend. I always say I grew up in France, which is true, but I only spent 5 years living in the South between La Cadiere D'Azur and Bandol. Going back last weekend made me realize just how much I've missed it and how attached I still feel to that place. If only for the amazing array of colors which don't seem to exist anywhere else. I even miss those chirpy cigales.

And please ignore the zombie like color of the hands- we were under a blue tarp...

Where else can you have two scoops of Lavender and Miel de Pignons ice cream?

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  1. wow, great photos, I am so jealous! and I love the name of your blog :) quiche is one of my favourite favourite things.
    thanks for your comment on my danish braid post long ago, it certainly was a hell of a challenge wasn't it!!