Friday, June 20, 2008

Things my boyfriend forgot..

And I think this list gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of a guy he really is-
  • A plaid Fedora style hat
  • Trivial Pursuit DVD Game- The Star Wars Edition
  • his check book
  • a communist party lighter*
  • 3 back issues of Empire
  • "Skeleton Crew" by Stephen King (although this wasn't really forgotten, it was forcefully taken when he locked me out of our flat- as he was leaving for the airport- at 7:30am- on a Sunday)
  • a wooden dragon trivet*
  • 6 pairs of fancy chopsticks*
  • Asian apron*
  • about 85 power adapters
  • shoe polish kit
  • a broken Mao watch*
  • an Excel Saga magnet
  • a Cyclops magnet
  • a fancy Kenneth Cole watch*
  • 1 leather glove

*These items were given to Kris from myself or brought over specially by my mother from CHINA. She will be sorely disappointed to see this list.

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