Friday, May 16, 2008

I went to Dublin?

Yes- About a month ago, I took my two visiting buddies to Dublin. Well, if we're being honest, Anna had been there before, so maybe she took us with some help from our Time Out guide... And once I find that guide I will finally be able to add names to all these lovely places!

St Patrick's Cathedral

La Maison des Gourmets with a killer French Toast ou Pain Perdu
The Spire- don't you dare call it a spike!!
Kilmainham Jail
with a good dose of Irish History thrown in

I learned 4 things at the Guiness Brewery:
Guiness is made up entirely of : Hops, Water, Barley and Yeast
I'm ready for Jeopardy!

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  1. ahhh!!! i loooooove it!!! i cannot believe it's already been a month! so crazy. thanks again for everything. hope all is well with you. i'm moving into my place soon and keep thinking how much i wish you were around to help decorate (and go shopping *smile*). hopefully if you come back this summer you'll be able to stop by and see it. so excited. miss you! take care love.

    anna louise