Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheescake Pops

I'm pretty sure that I joined the Daring Baker's to enjoy myself, so I can't figure out why I keep postponing the monthly challenge until the DAY ITS DUE! It's like being back in college again. And since I don't have Internet at my flat, I always have to submit my completed project a day late- which would SO not fly with my former college student self.

This month's challenge was a lot of fun once I got over the hurdle of actually baking... Other people left comments about how the 35-45 minute baking time was waaaay off and that they ended up having to freeze the pops to keep their shape since the cake never completely baked through. And with my ludicrously small freezer, I was having none of that- these suckers (har har) would be baked all the way through and would not need the aid of my mini freezer which can really only contain 2 small ice cube trays, a bag of frozen corn, a pint of Haagen Dazs or a mango (Look mom! a healthy alternative!) and my trusty bottle of Limoncello. Oh and when I'm lucky- a sleeve of Thin Mints sent from the States.
Part of cooking in a rented flat is learning to use what has been left behind- I've been left this purple bowl which is my mixing bowl, salad bowl, serving bowl and any other bowl that needs to hold more than 8 oz at one time.... As you can see from exhibit A, this bowl isn't curved at the bottom- so whenever I have to use an electric mixer, the sugar and flour is lost at the bottom. This was not the correct bowl to mix 5 packs of cream cheese with 5 eggs, flour, sugar and vanilla and expect a smooth batter. Regardless- Although I had some major doubt about how these would turn out considering the tools at my disposal, the pops turned out wonderfully and literally stopped my co-workers in their tracks when they saw me walking around the office with a Tupperware full.
So the easy version of this delicious recipe goes something like this:

Step 1: Mix up a cheesecake batter (with you cream cheese at room temperature....lets not forget that one)
exhibit A

Step 2: Bake the cheesecake in a 10 inch cake pan placed in a roasting pan filled with boiling water

This interpretation failed

The remedy: Smaller receptacles and more time... I REFUSE to have uncooked cheesecake pops!

Step 4: Let it cool and then refrigerate

Step 5: Roll the chilled cheesecake into 2 inch balls and stick a lollipop stick into each one.

Step 6: Freeze em

it's truly miraculous

Step 7: Coat your frozen cheescake balls in some melted chocolate and any other goodies- In this case milk chocolate with coconut and white chocolate with sprinkles (or their better name her in the Uk: Hundreds and Thousands)

Step 8: Stick em back in the fridge to settle and enjoy


  1. The Daringist part of any challenge for me is the fact that I never start until half an hour past the last minute :)

  2. Your pops look wonderful! Boy is your freezer tiny!

  3. You will be returning to the States during peach season, your significant other's family will be waiting for more of your peach cobbler "the best ever"...I'm going to make these pops for the next family gathering, i've never heard of them, a unique dessert...miss you!!!!

  4. These look fabulous, just the right size . You know I never order Cheesecake because its just too rich but now this wonderful solution, thanks for a great idea.
    Your pops are the tops

  5. They actually fit in the freezer! Way to go. The pops are super cute with those sprinkles, too. Wonderful post!

  6. Lunch Buckets- Im glad to see I'm not alone in being a Super Procrastinator!

    Amy J, Christine and Elle- Many thanks! I did have my doubt for a bit especially with regards to the freezer...

    Nell- I cannot wait to go home and have me some delicious peaches :) and see you guys of course!

    Ruth- Hi mom! You made it!!