Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wien- The Cultural Tour- Part II

A scream in the night refers to that Saturday at about 2am when I awoke in our stuffy room feeling a little off. The room suddenly felt unbearably hot, so Kris suggested that I open the window but I was barely able to find the light switch to the bathroom before I lost my expensive 3 year anniversary meal down the toilet. It was tragic.
I had taken pictures of the meal to share with you, but now I'm not so sure I should or even name the restaurant. I mean- it wasn't THAT good anyway.

But I'll tell you what was good- pretty much everything else in Vienna. OK maybe the concert we saw in a questionable "concert hall" wasn't great... We worried when the woman manning the clipboard asked if we'd bought our tickets on the streets!! And she wasn't kidding. Apparently the pricey concert we'd chosen online was actually a glamorized student recital. They even made a penis joke. But we were treated to all the standards from Mozart, Strauss and Brahms- everything you would expect from a tourist trap. But enough of my complaints! I really did love it! I mean look at these cakes! Vienna has a serious obsession with coffee houses which I thoroughly support. I just want to know why more countries don't adopt these temples of pastry and caffeine.

One of the most impressive sights was in fact the central cemetery, the Zentralfriedhof. It's so huge that you can actually see it from the train coming in from the airport. Its grandeur lies somewhere between Pere Lachaise in Paris and Highgate in London.

When our tour guide for the Third Man tour told us how to get to that famous street from the last scene she said: "walk through the main gate and when you see the chapel- make a left." I don't know why, but the way she said it made me think that the "chapel" might be hard to find or perhaps it was small and made of wood. Instead we were treated to this behemoth of a building which pretty much dominates the landscape no matter where you look. In fact, in the Third Man, all those scenes that take place in the cemetery should have this building looming somewhere behind the trees. I guess it was removed thanks to movie magic. Pity really.

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  1. Being the mother of your significant other, I am enjoying your blog. He's not good at giving me details of his adventures, its nice to see the pictures and read about the places you have been. Its been forever since we have seen you and we miss you too. Take Care and hope to see you in the US sometime this summer...