Monday, February 18, 2008

It must be official now

Although this blog has been up and running for a couple weeks, I had not yet found the perfect title for it and so I sent out a cry for help from my dearest and closest. I gave them a list of potential candidates and asked for their opinions. Here is what they had to choose from:

From my mother we had these suggestions (and I have to say that was very impressed with her creativity):
1. Notes from a hungry belly
2. Diary of Hungry Traveler
3. Traveling Feast
4. A Travelers Compendium of Food and Thought
5. How I invented the Spork and Other Tales
6. Butter, Butter, Passport
7. The Flying Pan
8. The Flying Fork
9. Passport to Food
10. Eat and Run

I started with these:
11. The Flying Kitchen
12. The Wandering Kitchen
13. Always Somewhere in Between
14. Claire's Kitschy Kitchen
15. Kitsch Quiche (stemming from my naive confusion of the terms as a13 year old..)

And my father emailed me these this morning (who knew he was even remotely creative?? I mean, he READ my email, THOUGHT about it and RESPONDED! Short of a miracle, really):
16. bits and bites
17. honey and spice
18. might as well spread it on your butt (love!! but id be getting the wrong kind of readers..)
19. social gourmet

I actually had a lot of poeple telling me that they had chosen "the Wandering Kitchen" before knowing that's what the blog was already called! Which made it harder to make the official change, but I found out that there's already a "Wandering Kitchen" blog elsewhere and it's just a tad too thoughtful and serious for my taste. Anna was a big fan of "How I invented the Spork and Other Tales" but I just know that I can't actually provide a compelling enough story to claim the title and I didnt want to be a poser.. . My dad's late entry of "Bits and Bites" was very high on the list, but I've finally settled on; the only title Kris officially came up with by just splicing titles together:
The Flying Quiche

It reminds me a bit of the Monty Python's Flying Circus which I absolutely love, plus it's food and travel related, without sounding explicitly like either. Anyway- I just thought you would appreciate seeing all the options. They were definitely very entertaining and I'm really grateful for all the help! So thanks!

PS: The man has emailed me some more! He must be bored and lonely ;)
20. Pots & pals
21. tads & tell
22. Tastes'buds (mom's)
23. Pans & tales

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