Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'll take the Salmonella, please!

Is there anything weirder than a pumpkin pie for Valentine's Day? I assure you this was in no way intentional but rather incidental. Alright so maybe it's a little overdue in February, but last night I finally decided to make the pumpkin pie I had promised to make my office back during Thanksgiving. Despite several pies being consumed by myself and the significant other, none of them ever made it past the front door. I don't even make any sort of "special" version of pumpkin pie- I just follow the directions on that tin can. You heard me! I don't even get pumpkin chunks! For Thanksgiving, my cousin (who is french, mind you) bought a pumpkin pie from a very swanky bakery but even with it's swanky recipe and slightly darker color, it couldn't surpass my beloved tinned pie. But honestly, what can be done to a pumpkin pie to make it better than it already is when made from a tin? I didn't even have the required ground ginger and ground cloves for the one I made last night and I was still on the verge of drinking the filling like a milkshake.

Despite all the pumpkin pie lovin' going on last night, I managed to burn it. Because that's what happens when Gordon Ramsay finally goes to the US and cusses out a French chef for being too arrogant.*see last night's episode of Kitchen Nightmares* And what's worse is that it's on the edge of edible! I'm sure it tastes fine but it simply looks diseased. I had half a mind of just swirling the top full of whipped cream but I can't be serving poisonous pie to my office even if i'll gladly eat raw eggs.

Doesn't it look like it's suffering from the Bubonic Plague?

A sad day for all really. The BF did have some sage words about the matter:

"Alton Brown says that you're not a real chef until you have to throw out an entire meal"

Then this pie is going in the dustbin and I can move on knowing I'm one step closer to being legit- or maybe I'll bring it to Kensington Gardens and feed it to the squirrels.


  1. I made that quote up to make you feel better.

  2. Thanks for that... i mean i feel stupid now, but it worked last night!

  3. no joke, so i read the list of possible names and I picked the "wandering kitchen" weird is it that it is the actual name?!?!
    By the way, did you get my email telling u that I'm coming to visit? I want to make my plane reservation real soon- very excited!!! :-)

  4. Hell yeah I did! Ill check the calendar tomorrow just to make sure we don't have any big sales, but i think it should be fine! And you should totally try to get beth to come too because my vacation days seem to be disappearing quickly :(